Why Choose a Broker?

Simply put, we work for you.

Explain your needs and details one time, and WAVE will challenge leading providers to propose their best fit for your solution.

Working with WAVE is the connectivity "Easy Button."

How Is WAVE Different?

WAVE is different:

Our experts have connected hundreds of organizations and teams.

We often hear "we tried and no one else could get this done."

And we're here to be your partner, working to build an ongoing relationship that's a "win" for you every time.

What Does This Cost?

Our consultation and guidance is truly zero cost to you.

With WAVE you will see the same—or better—deals than calling every provider directly and asking for a quote.

And then we leverage provider relationships to help negotiate your best overall value.

Are You One Of These People?

Are you a Marsha?

  • A savvy leader of people
  • Runs a financially-conservative organization
  • Knows high-level what her organization needs
  • Her time is precious
  • Doesn’t have a deep technical background
  • Wants clear options at the right cost, and a solution that “just works.” 

Are you like Brian?

  • Rising leader
  • Strong technical knowledge in many IT aspects 
  • A new cloud phone project is outside of his realm of expertise
  • Knows enough to ask the right questions
  • Looking for someone to bring expertise that will help grow his knowledge base, and to be an ongoing collaborator

Are you like Dave?

  • Experienced in many technology fields and organizational divisions
  • In-depth know-how
  • Aware that cybersecurity is important but hasn’t fully pursued it yet
  • Detail oriented
  • Shopped around
  • Looking to explore cutting-edge technology options 
  • Wants a knowledgeable broker with no fluff

Save Time & Money. Let Us Do The Work.

Give us an opportunity to dive in and truly understand your business so we can do the leg work, and then bring to you the best possible solution at the best possible price.  It’s that simple!