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Hosted by Steve Burchett and Jay Huelsing, each 15-30 minute session is a deep dive into industry secrets around innovation, technologies, and actionable strategies to help leaders in business and technology overcome challenges and surge ahead. From unraveling the complexities of tech procurement to exploring must-have services like internet connectivity, cloud phone systems, contact center solutions, cloud storage, data backup, and cybersecurity, "WAVE4Business: Growth" is your go-to resource for cutting-edge insights.

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Episode 1 - Unraveling the Fiber of Success: Business Internet Secrets

In this episode of "WAVE4Business: Growth," host Steve Burchett interviews seasoned business connectivity consultant Jay Huesing, who pulls back the wizard's curtain on the critical world of internet solutions for businesses.

This episode is packed with actionable insights and real-life examples, like how an architecture firm revolutionized its operations with enhanced productivity but also significant financial savings, how an 86-site business escaped their "nightmare spreadsheet," and how a shipping port broke through the "Bermuda Triangle of Internet" to grow and thrive.  
Jay tackles myths about business internet, reveals insider strategies, and shares expert advice on assessing your current setup and choosing the right providers for 1) competitive advantage, 2) optimizing operational efficiency,  and 3) cost savings.


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