Decades of Experience Building Solutions Just Like Yours

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Your team likely brings unique strengths that set your organization apart and make you successful, right?  Connectivity is what we do, and we are exceptional at owning the process to pair teams with the right providers. 

Trust our decades of experience. WAVE will listen to you, understand your situation, and design a solution perfect for your needs.  We’re the connectivity “easy button.” You can focus on what you do best. 

Making The Complex More Simple

We bring 80+ years in Internet and Telephony

  • Providers use fancy branded names to make their services sound unique.  We simplify that.
  • Technicians speak in IT shorthand, operating center employee billing codes, and similar jargon.  We clarify it.
  • When you need phone systems that are HIPAA compliant, or security to protect your Electronic Health and Medical Records, we know that not all services fit the bill—and we know who does.
  • Tap us and we’ll leverage our expertise working with top providers.  You avoid hours and hours of trial and error calling to find the right provider for your needs.

We know cloud voice and collaboration

  • When you want contact center experience:  the WAVE team has led Fortune 200 consumer, employee, and vendor call teams.
  • When you want cloud hosted voice and unified communications: we partner with 86 providers in North America, including Gartner quadrant leaders, challengers, and visionaries.
  • When you are ready to make a big move:  we’ve consulted over a dozen 200+ seat call centers to find the right fit.
  • When you want IT experience:  our team has led Help Desks resolving over 100k tickets a year.

Building Contact Centers of the Future

Delivering on Challenging Builds and Projects

We get deals done at your best price

  • Our experience has built strong relationships with provider construction teams.  This helps to start your project moving sooner.
  • We know what’s possible with an underground or overhead run of cable, and can find and drive work-arounds for your build.
  • We see how and when to pull in multiple providers—and how to get them working together—so you get the best solution at each site.
  • We negotiate with provider finance teams and understand where they can give and flex to make an opportunity happen.
  • We sometimes see how neighboring businesses might work together to bring fiber or cable closer, and to split or eliminate build costs.

Save Time & Money. Let Us Do The Work.

Give us an opportunity to dive in and truly understand your business so we can do the leg work, and then bring to you the best possible solution at the best possible price.  It’s that simple!